Study in Canada

Canada is a vast and diverse country located in North America. It is known for its stunning natural landscapes, multicultural cities, and high quality of life. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area, covering approximately 9.98 million square kilometers. It is divided into ten provinces and three territories, each with its own unique geography and culture. Canada boasts a wide range of natural features, including mountains (Rocky Mountains, Coast Mountains), forests, lakes (notably the Great Lakes), and a vast coastline on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans.

The Capital city of Canada is Ottawa, located in eastern Canada. Other major cities include Toronto (the largest city), Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Quebec City. Canada is known for its cultural diversity, with a significant immigrant population. It has a multicultural society that celebrates various ethnic backgrounds and languages. Canada is bilingual, with English and French as its official languages. French is the primary language in the province of Quebec, while English is dominant in most other parts of the country.

Canada has a strong and highly developed economy. It is known for its abundant natural resources, including oil, minerals, and timber. Key industries include manufacturing, technology, agriculture, and services. Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and ice hockey are popular due to the country’s natural beauty and climate. Canada is also known for its friendly and polite population. Canada’s diversity, natural beauty, and high standard of living make it a popular destination for both residents and tourists. It is a country known for its welcoming and inclusive society, making it a beacon of multiculturalism on the global stage.

Population: 40.0 million

Capital: Ottawa

Area: 9.985 million km²

Language: English and French

Religion: Christianity

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Life Expectancy: 82 Years

GDP per Capita: $54,966

Literacy Percent: 99%

Other Important Cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Quebec City


The main intakes offered by Universities are in January, May and September.

Why Study in Canada?

Studying in Canada has become increasingly popular among international students due to several compelling reasons. Canada is renowned for its world-class education system, with many universities and colleges consistently ranking among the top in the world. Canadian institutions maintain rigorous academic standards and are known for their research and innovation. Canada is a multicultural country that embraces diversity and inclusivity. International students often find a welcoming and safe environment, making it easier to adapt to a new culture and build a global network.

Canadian universities frequently appear in global university rankings such as the QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU or Shanghai Rankings). These rankings provide international recognition and validation of the quality of education in Canada.


Canada has a robust immigration system that attracts skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. The government has various immigration pathways, such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), and family sponsorship, to help newcomers settle and find employment in Canada.

  • A full-time International student can work part-time as per the given guidelines.
  • A full-time degree student can work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session and full-time during vacations.
  • A full-time student can also work on a work placement as part of the course.
  • A student can earn $13 to $25 per hour (it may vary)
  • A full-time student can also work on a work placement as part of the course.

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